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Need extra space? Instead of moving, invest in a home extension

Extension builders Clacton

If you are looking to get an extension built on your property, then you have come to the right place. Here at Clark Constructions, we can provide you with the highest quality extension that you are going to love.

A Brilliant New Area In Your Home

Any addition to your home is going to be classed as an extension. It doesn’t matter if you are adding a wall, or adding a whole new room to your house. There are many reasons that people may choose to add an extension to their home. They may need the room, or they might simply want to expand their home. Building an extension can be hard work, so hiring a professional to complete this task for you is something that you need to consider.


Time for an upgraded kitchen? Our expert designers can design and build a kitchen to suit the needs of you and your family. With the latest gadgets and conveniences, your new kitchen will be modern, stylish, and comfortable.

Dining Area

They say a family that eats together stays together. So a comfortable, functional dining space is a must in any family home. We aim to make your home design suit your needs and fit into the way you live your life. Call us today for a free consultation.

Living Space

Relax, unwind, and enjoy your redesigned living space. with a creative set of ideas and an expert fitting team, Clark Construction is a perfect choice when it comes to making your house a home. 

Get Big Benefits From A Quality Extension

Depending on what you want to use your extension for, there is a range of benefits. It makes your home bigger, meaning that there is more room for you and your family. You will also find that by adding an extension to your home, you will be increasing its value. This is why you need to think about where you are putting your extension, and what value it could be adding to your home.

Builders Clacton

"My wife and I would like to thank the whole team at Clark construction for our new extension, they were professional from start to finish."

Mr. M Smart


Here at Clark Construction, we would be happy to carry out this work for residents in Clacton. Our high-quality service offers you fair prices, with only the highest standard of building being completed. Contact us today to arrange a quote for your home extension.

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